Transition To School

So it is now when schools are starting orientation days for children entering “big school’.

Such an exciting time for both parents and of course the children.

An interesting read is this pdf from the NSW Department of Education.(see link below)

It would be a great idea if you, as a parent, read your state education department’s site regarding transitioning to school as it will give you valuable information regarding beginning school.

This is just an excerpt regarding how people responded to the question of how to assist children to transition from preschool to kindergarten.

School readiness is a hotly debated topic but parents shouldn’t ever feel overwhelmed with all the information out there, particularly on the internet, but go with your “gut feeling” when deciding if your child is ready for school.

And never doubt your decision for your child, as you know your child the best.


“Given the research evidence and the strength of opinion of so many respondents, it is undeniable that this issue needs to be addressed. The needs of children are greatest in areas of disadvantage. It is time to put in place a range of strategies that can increase access for all children to a quality prior to school education experience. For many years schools have recognised the need to assist children in their transition to school and have developed “transition” or “orientation” programs for this purpose. Many of these programs are very successful and are greatly appreciated by their communities. It is clear from responses that people are seeking programs that:

• commence while the child is in a prior to school facility

• are coordinated across the prior to school and school settings

• are developed over an extended period of time, such as the term before or even the year before commencing school

• has a major component that “educates” the families about child development, school routines, structures and curriculum

• ensures that teachers are aware of particular needs of children prior to entry to school. A number of respondents saw benefit in greater coordination in the provision of preschool services. Some respondents suggested that the Department of Education and Training should have responsibility for all preschools. It would appear that there would be a number of benefits to greater coordination or one department having responsibility for children’s learning from preschool to Year 12. These benefits may include:

• greater opportunity to address issues of transition to school

• easier identification of potential learning difficulties early and development of programs to address needs of children

• better development of a continuum of learning from preschool and into Kindergarten.”

early childhood years – NSW Department of Education…/f_ch2erlychldhdyr.pdf