Where has 2018 gone?

The kindergarten children have settled into a routine and so have their parents!

And so begin the teacher parent interviews.

It shouldn’t be a time for anxiety or stress but a time for parents and teachers to see if there are any concerns regarding their child’s learning and address any issues in a positive way.


Just remember that learning should be fun!

So important to start the early reading years with phonic instructions.

Phonics Strategies and Reading

When using phonics to teach reading skills, you will achieve better results if you make it fun. Fun with phonics can be achieved in a variety of ways and there are many phonics games available.

There are great apps and reading programs that help build confidence and learning.

As a parent trying to encourage your child to read, there are three rules you should keep in mind:

  1. Always make sure that the reading material is interesting and fun. Whether the materials are stories, poems or rhymes, the child should be excited about reading. It should never been seen as a chore.Using text with accompanying illustrations is perfect for this.
  2. Children learn the best when they think of the process as fun and enjoyable. Do not force children into completing their reading task, because then they would not think of reading as a rewarding experience.
    If it is seen as a chore and both you and the child rush through the reading, the child may not show effort with their reading and suddenly you hear your child say “I hate reading!”
  3. Make sure you find a quiet place, use some creativity so you can make the reading fun and then your child will look forward to reading time each day.

Once children learn the basic alphabet and the corresponding sounds of each letter,  children can focus on blending those sounds to form the whole word. It is a systematic progression. After words, children learn how to read sentences, then a whole story. Consistently practising these phonetic skills through regular reading will help children to decode and pronounce any words accurately.  Then when a child discovers a new word, they automatically know what to do to pronounce it correctly.

Why don’t you

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