A Great Australian App for Aussie Kids

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 What a fantastic app for preschoolers to prepare for “big school” So inexpensive and fun!

 Start Smart is an educational app which has been developed in line with the

Australian Curriculum by highly respected teacher Elinka Jacobs.          

 Suitable for iPhone and iPad devices, Start Smart incorporates 3 necessary requirements desired at school entrance level: letter names and sounds, numbers to 20, shapes and colours.

Your child’s fine motor skills develop and improve as they manipulate the shapes with care and precision.

Bright and colourful graphics complimented with a great clear voice over.

How wonderful when your child starts school having mastered these skills!

Each subject has a learning and a “Let’s Play” section.
A Gold star is awarded at the end of each section and when your child achieves 3 Gold stars he or she or he has passed with flying colours

The app incorporates some fun whilst learning to focus and take on challenges.

The simple approach and easy-to-follow instructions will have your child bursting with confidence and ready for school.

CarlaLouise says: “Superb app to assess school readiness.Keeps children motivated and entertained.Highly recommended!”

Danny says : Great app!! Kids love it!!!Have actually learnt things too.Good work!”

Koooklitsa  says : This app gives pre-schoolers a realistic approach to starting school and instills confidence and a sense of achievement.It covers numeracy,the alphabet, colours and shapes as well as a good voice over instructions and real piano sounds.

I think it’s the best on the market.



Download Start Smart here for  just  $2.99. jack

A small investment for such a huge return!

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