Start Smart has a realistic approach to getting your child ready for school. As we well know, school is not all about fun and games. It’s about learning and achieving.

Suitable for iPhone and iPad devices, this school Readiness App incorporates 3 necessary requirements desired at school entrance level:letter names and sounds,numbers to 20,shapes and colours. The app incorporates some fun whilst learning to focus and take on challenges.

Start Smart  is not a handwriting app but helps your child learn letter shapes. As many early learning professionals will tell you,there is no need to burden pre-schoolers with writing letters using specific fonts. It is more important to expose children to letter patterns when writing. This app is based on the Australian Curriculum and all Australian States use different fonts. Your child will be ready to learn formal handwriting with specific fonts when they start kindergarten.

Learning the numbers to 20 is both challenging and fun.

As you move to the shapes, you begin to create pictures. Your child’s fine motor skills develop and improve as they manipulate the shapes with care and precision.

Each subject has a learning section and a “Let’s Play” section designed as a fun assessment.
A Gold star is awarded at the end of each section and when your child achieves 3 Gold stars he or she has passed with flying colours!

I know you will enjoy listening to the clear instructions of

Jay James Moody too.

Please visit our blog which has more tips,information and articles about reading and writing for preschoolers.

The simple approach and easy-to-follow instructions will have your child bursting with confidence and ready for school.


There are bonus colouring in sheets to

reinforce lessons and make learning fun.

A one off download cost of just $2.99.

TO DOWNLOAD THE START SMART school readiness app on your mobile device or tablet